Proudly serving the Dundas, Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding area for the past 30 years.

Andrew Barz


Proudly owning and operating our company since 1993. His passion for Lego, has morphed into creating beautiful hardscape installs.

Kim Barz


At the core of Cruickshanks Property Services is Kim Barz, industry leaders with 31 years of experience. Her direction cultivates a culture of excellence within our team, ensuring that every project reflects their unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, setting the standard in our industry.

Emma Barz


Introducing Emma. The meticulous administrative powerhouse behind our construction projects. With years of industry experience, Emma ensures seamless operations and detail, guaranteeing the success of every endeavor.

Joe Macina

Construction Manager

With 15 Years experience, his operation of the of the residential and commercial construction divisions is profound, from planning, budgeting, coordinating, and supervising construction projects from start to finish. When not in office, he is onsite with the crews training and teaching or just helping with the project.

Justin Mclauchlin

Residential Construction Foreman

12 years of residential landscape construction, adept at managing and coordinating construction workers, and resolving any on-site issues. He possess well-developed leadership skills, ability to work under pressure, and excellent building and mechanical knowledge.

Barclay Napier

Project Management

Focused and dedicated to completing projects within budgets and timelines. Offering more then 15 years in residential and commercial construction, his highly skilled leadership and knowledge are second to none when leading talented teams.

Jordan Spraggs

Residential & Commercial Construction Foreman

Superior skills in co-ordinating and supervising the work of all site operatives, he ensures that all work is delivered safely on time and within budget along with managing equipment and materials required. Offers more then 10 years in construction and sales industry.