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Our workers at Cruickshanks offer services all year, but we can provide specific services during the winter to help keep your property maintained and safe. Here are some of the services we provide during the winter:

Snow Removal

During the winter months, an excess of snow can be an inconvenience or even danger for homeowners. A professional snow removal service like Cruickshanks can alleviate the stress of being snowed in. Trying to remove snow yourself can risk injury, but our trained professionals can deal with your problem while ensuring your safety. Keeping your home or business safe will also prevent any liability that may come from injuries.

We also have our specialized equipment that can deal with snow in an efficient and thorough manner. Snow removal can be a time consuming process without the right tools, and our services can give you that time back. Not having to purchase snow removal tools will also save you money, as our service is far more affordable.

If you want your snow removal done with high quality results, contact Cruickshanks. Our removal process is quick and efficient, but also thorough and effective.


De-icing is the process of removing snow or ice from a surface, usually through salt that can remove the ice and prevent it from any future formation. Ice can be quite dangerous during the winter because of the risk of slipping, and it can stay around for some time if not dealt with.

One of the major benefits of de-icing is the wide coverage it provides. Placing an even amount of salt across the area of ice helps to remove slippery ice from your parking lot making it safer for cars and pedestrians. We provide a consistent and even coverage of salt, assuring that there is no risk of a spot being missed and remaining a hazard.

Safety is a priority for everyone, and you always want your property to feel safe for yourself and others. Our professionals at Cruickshanks will provide you salting and de-icing services that will make the grounds of your property immediately and consistently safe.


“We appreciated the care your employees took during our recent landscape project. They were very courteous and professional.”

J.M., Dundas, ON

“Just wanted you to know that we have received so many compliments on our new walkway. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.”

S.W., Hamilton, ON

“Our gardens look better than we had imagined! Your attention to detail made all the difference.”

L.C., Greensville, ON

“Finally our front steps are safe! … And they look Fabulous!”

B.M., Dundas, ON

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